Who is The Wife Witch?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

We are women, men, or however we choose to identify. We are "the weirdos, mister". We are those who seek enlightenment, outside practices, question what has been ingrained in us all of our lives. Can we believe in God? Yes. Goddesses? Yes. The Universe? Yes. Nature? Yes. What makes us witches is that we are creatures of our own beings, we are autonomous.

Here's the fun part, and a big reason why I made the decision to start this site... Do I practice magic in every day life in the form of spells, rituals, etc.? Oh, my word. No! I absolutely strive to that, of course, but I'm just not there, yet; however, I do believe that I myself, and my other witchy beings generate amazing energy, manifest things (that to some) are unimaginable, and create vibrations around them without even trying. This is us. I whole heartedly plan to dive deeper into my life and those around me who don't always use spells, crystals, or rituals (but they are wonderful and I highly encourage them!) and are still able to maintain a witchy/pagan life.

Come, join me on this journey. And, please, feel free to let me know of any topics you would like for me to blog about.

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